I used to think balloons were cool, but now I cannot stand their presence. 

#unilife #qcagriffith

#unilife #qcagriffith


Artist Kendal Murray builds miniature mixed-media sculptures that take viewers on a playful and imaginative journey. Using tiny toy figures and objects like hand mirrors and clutches, Murray builds small worlds filled with creative memories, daydreams, and fantasies.




I was watching the Australian news show Four Corners and look who appeared on my screen!!!!

Oh my!! Does anyone have clips of this? x


You can watch it on ABC iView from the link below:


Job hunting is one seriously depressing activity.

Those awkward moments when people suggest we meet and have coffee, but I don’t drink coffee…

My father is the kind of person who uses Ebay to purchase replacement items for the house including lawn mower wheels, mixmaster bowls and a new blender. He has his own model train layout, enjoys birdwatching and jetspotting, grows his own coffee beans, plays piano and tells terrible jokes.

There are so many wonderful artists selling work on Society6. Something tells me that if I spend much longer browsing on the site, my bank account is going to hate me. Also I need a restraining order against buying any more books or DVDs until the end of the year.